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Recent NTSB Accident Investigations Involving Fatigue Fractures Initiating from Internal Defects

Thursday (28.05.2020)
17:00 - 17:20
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The National Transportation Safety Board is an independent U. S. government agency responsible for investigating civil transportation accidents to determine the probable cause and to make recommendations to prevent future accidents. In this talk, several accident investigations involving fatigue fractures that initiated at an internal defect will be presented including (1) a fatigue fracture that initiated from a ceramic inclusion in a turbocharger turbine wheel from a Piper PA46-350-P airplane which contributed to a forced landing, (2) a fatigue fracture of a railcar axle that initiated from a casting void that resulted in a derailment and crude oil explosion, and (3) a fatigue fracture of a stage 2 high-pressure turbine disk from a GE CF6-80C2B6 engine on a Boeing 767-300 airplane that initiated from a discrete dirty white spot and resulted in an uncontained engine failure, engine fire, and aborted takeoff. Processes used by the NTSB Materials Laboratory to analyze the fracture mechanisms and characterize the initiating defects and challenges encountered will be discussed.

Dr. Matthew Fox
National Transportation Safety Board
Additional Authors:
  • Dr. Erik Mueller
    National Transportation Safety Board
  • Dr. Donald Kramer
    National Transportation Safety Board
  • Dr. Xiaohu Liu