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WEB A novel analysis of stress intensity factors of distributed non-planar surface cracks and its application to corrosion fatigue problem

Thursday (28.05.2020)
10:10 - 10:30 Room 2
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This paper focused on numerical analysis of Mode I Stress Intensity Factor, KI, of multiple non-planar semi-elliptical cracks that are distributed on the surface on a semi-infinite body under tension. Emphasis was placed on the nature of the interaction among cracks in close proximity. The analysis was based on the technique of Distributed Dislocation Method (DDM), which is an eigenstrain method. The eigenstrain element was developed from the stresses produced by an infinitesimal dislocation loop in a semi-infinite body. Difference between results of two interacting surface cracks in this work was always smaller than 2% when compared with reported results from earlier researcher. Furthermore, due to the adopted numerical integration methods and meshing procedure, solution of 100 distributed cracks was obtained within approximately 15 min when performed on a typical personal computer, i.e., solution for a single crack took less than 10 s. In addition, in the manuscript, practical application of this method to corrosion fatigue problem and material quality control will be proposed.

Adeyinka Abass
Kyushu University
Additional Authors:
  • Prof. Hisao Matsunaga
    Kyushu University


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