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WEB Numerical-experimental analysis of stress and fatigue life of aircraft engine compressor blades with damage in resonance vibrations

Wednesday (27.05.2020)
14:20 - 14:25 Room 1
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Presented research work shows fatigue analyzes for three different types of notch observed on the leading edge of the aircraft engine compressor blade. The main goal of this research was to create information about the impact of different parameters of the notch (like location, depth, nature of formation) affect on the number of the load cycles to various sizes of the fatigue gap. The topic of crack initiation and the very development of the fatigue crack was discussed. The work presents the results of fatigue tests in resonance conditions. The I-st stage compressor blade was examed in the first mode of resonance (flexural bending) with a constant amplitude of the blade tip (1.8 mm). The impact of the notch type on the crack initiation process and on fatigue durability was discussed. Obtained results show the influence of plastic deformation on element life. The quantitative influence of the nature of the notch formation on the crack propagation process at its initial stage was determined. The relationship between damage caused during engine operation and damage made for the purposes of the experiment is shown. The influence of initial stresses resulting from the plasticization of the material around the notch tip on the initiation of a fatigue crack is presented.

Dr.-Ing. Arkadiusz Bednarz
Rzeszow University of Technology


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